Chances Aren’t

Stunned by an impending divorce, Ben Hunter’s life, which was barely working to begin with, suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Then when his newfound bachelorhood results in even more collateral damage for all those around him, he’s convinced that the world would be a much better place after he’s gone. When taking matters in his own hands goes completely wrong, just like everything else in his life, he winds up an inadvertent hero. After rescuing a wife and daughter from a car accident, he’s given one wish by a grateful angel, the husband that perished in the crash. He chooses to go back in time twenty five years to his college days and fix everything by undoing his marriage. There he hopes to relive the best time of his life and reconnect with the amazing girl he let get away. His adventure quickly spins out of control when he comes face to face with the last person he ever expected to see— himself.

Talking sense into your younger self was never such a pain in the ass! It’s a funny and sexy story that gives new literal meaning to the phrase, ‘Don’t beat yourself up.’