Friends With More Benefits (Friends With Benefits Book 3)

If your link for book three does not work it means the Friends with Benefits series is now available exclusively on Amazon and can be read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

If you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has a Kindle App for every device. If that does not work for you and you want to stick with your same reading app, I have a more explicit and erotic version of the next three series books available on all the other major retailers. With these expanded versions, published under my Ian Dalton pen name, you get all the same hilarious comedy and drama found in the Luke versions, but just a tad more of the erotic play by play. Each one is about 10% longer than the Luke version. That’s even better, right?

I hope you’ll continue on with Revealing Thoughts, which is an expanded version of Friends with More Benefits. You can find the links for the book on all the sites here.

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As Jillian and Brian’s destination wedding date nears, Jillian’s just released novel’s complicated success threatens to destroy their big day. While Rob’s new job grows extraordinarily more mysterious Brian’s becomes infinitely more unfulfilling and both struggle to find the answers. Victoria finds it more and more difficult to hide her secrets and when they are finally exposed there is no shortage of collateral damage. When thoughts are revealed will the wedding be ruined, will Jillian’s career survive and will everyone forgive Victoria?