Tim Garrett and Emily Russell have something in common, they just don’t know it yet. Tim wants to enhance something about himself. So does Emily, but in her case, it’s two somethings and they’re just a little higher up. When they first meet, they don’t really hit it off, but that’s okay since they’re both in solid relationships. (Or so they think)

As Emily’s surgery date nears, she learns she’s with a guy who’s a little too interested in her enhancement plans. After Tim’s sent packing by a girl whose looking for something more, a lot more, he stumbles onto a bizarre miracle cure and his life begins to change for the better both in and out of the bedroom. But when things grow a little too much for Tim, everything in his world spins out of control while Emily begins to second-guess her own desires for change.

It’s a story about desires, double standards, eye-opening surveillances, getting what you want and really, really enjoying it and getting way to much of what you want and really, really hating it.

ENHANCED is a somewhat raunchy, yet mostly romantic and completely funny comedy and is intended for mature audiences.

This story contains content some readers may find objectionable, including explicit sex and language.

Please also note that ENHANCED is a re-imagining of another novel in an “enhanced” and more explicit form. Please see the author page for more details.