Friends With Bonus Benefits (Friends With Benefits Bonus Scenes)

Four stand-alone stories featuring your favorite “Friends With Benefits” characters. Some laugh-out-loud funny, some sexy and some, well, both…

This 35,000 word collection features these four shorts:

Mistaken Identity – While away on a couples weekend all hell breaks loose when a tipsy and disoriented Victoria returns from the bathroom and unwittingly goes into the wrong bedroom.

Coachella Contest – When the two couples attend the Coachella Music Festival they agree to an unusual competition. After partaking in some drinking and mood enhancing substances they take it a step further and get in way over their heads.

Cuffs and Rings – Jim’s in store for a night of teasing and pleasing when Victoria surprises him with some new bedroom toys.

Get It Out! – A reimaging of the aftermath of Jillian and Brian’s adventure from the conclusion of series book six. In this version all hell breaks loose and the emergency room might be in Brian’s future unless the gang can perform a little home medical procedure.

So strap on your sense of humor and— wait, maybe that’s a poor choice or words as far as Brian is concerned… Prepare yourself for ridiculously crazy sexual situations that couldn’t and shouldn’t happen to anyone. Bizarrely frank conversations that no one should ever have, some ill-advised drug use and a whole lot of freaking naughty fun.

Warning please don’t try any of this at home…