I Give And Give Until It Hurts…And Then I Give Some More…

Over the last few weeks I’ve received a number of messages from women readers of my Friends With… series who are informing me that my books are getting them so worked up that their husbands or boyfriends are benefiting from the state my novels are leaving
them in. In effect, my books are getting men laid. And not just five minutes of “okay let’s get it over with” sex, but real actual amazing experiment in bed, “let’s try something new” sex!

And I haven’t received a single “thank you” email from any of these men reaping all this amazing sex based on my work and I think that is completely wrong. These men should be doing more than just thanking me they should be sending me gifts. I keep selflessly giving and giving. It’s sad that I haven’t been properly thanked, but omeone has to do this, for the good of all of us.

I’ll eventually get over not being thanked and you ladies keep doing what you’re doing and spreading the word about the series. Let’s get more people reading them, get even more men laid and improve the lives of countless couples around the world. Well that’s just my crazy little dream anyway…

I’m actually really glad my series is keeping the bedroom fires burning. Sex is fun, it don’t cost nothin’ and its good exercise and I suppose Victoria said it best in book one when she told the lovely Jillian:

You go ‘around the world’ with your husband a couple times a month, and he won’t be straying. You won’t be finding yourself at an attorney’s office arguing over who gets custody of the dog.

Please note: you don’t necessarily have to go ‘around the world’, but you know what she means, just keep it interesting by throwing in a surprise every once in a while and maybe the man in your life will reciprocate.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Now go chase your husband around the bedroom or something. (If you need to read a chapter or two of one of my novels first, knock yourself out.) And I’ll get back to writing book four.

Luke Young