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If you enjoy the laugh out loud romantic comedies of Tara Sivec, you will love Seriously Messed Up.

With the seventh book just released, now is the time to start the hilarious Friends With Benefits series.

The friends are back with more eye-opening revelations, steamy triangles and sexy surprises.

Book four is part romantic suspense, legal thriller, medical drama, steamy erotic romp and screwball comedy.

The “Friends” are back in book seven, the next chapter in the Friends With Benefits series.

Four laugh-out-loud funny and/or sexy scenes featuring your favorite “Friends With Benefits” characters!

In this prequel to the best-selling Friends With Benefits series, learn the hilarious backstory detailing how Victoria and Jillian meet.

Written under the Ian Dalton pen name, Desperate Thoughts is the erotic prequel to both the Victoria Wilde and Friends With Benefits series.

You’ve read the book or seen the movie— now experience, SO FAR GONE, GIRL, the hilarious parody of GONE GIRL, the most intense and acclaimed thriller of the decade.

The hilarious parody of all the billionaire AND Navy SEAL romance novels wrapped up in one nice little package.

Luke Young’s hilarious first novel released in 2011. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get too much of it.

Talking sense into your younger self was never such a pain in the ass!

Written under the Ian Dalton pen name, Inappropriate Thoughts is an expanded version of Friends With Partial Benefits.

This box set includes books 1-3 in the best-selling Friends With Benefits series and is over 700 pages of laugh out loud funny and sexy romance.

ENHANCED is a re-imagining of my first novel Shrinkage in an “enhanced” and more explicit form.

The “Friends” are back in book seven, the next chapter in the Friends With Benefits series.



With over 1.8 million downloads and sales of 250,000 copies, Luke Young is a Kindle and iBookstore best-seller.

Luke’s Friends With Benefits series has garnered more than 4400 5-Star reviews (between Amazon, Goodreads and the iBookstore). Friends With Partial Benefits is the sexy and hilarious first book in the series. Find out what the hell “Partial Benefits” really are and be introduced to Jillian, Victoria, Brian and Rob. Inside you’ll come to know this wild, fun and amazing group of characters who share far too much with one another and where no dare, practical joke or topic of conversation is off-limits.

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Luke is also the author of the series prequel, Friends Wanting Benefits and several stand alone comedies including Chances Aren’t, Chocolate Covered Billionaire Navy SEAL, Shrinkage and a hilarious parody of Gone Girl titled, So Far Gone, Girl.

Don’t miss the short film adapted from the first novel in Luke’s Friends With Benefits series. Click here to watch.

Luke also writes “spicier” books under the pen name Ian Dalton. If you like your sexy comedy heavy on the sexy, be sure to check out Dalton’s Victoria Wilde series. For more information on how Ian Dalton’s Victoria Wilde series relates to the Friends With Benefits series please click here.